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His Finest Hour

Faris Khalifa┬áin this brave video opens up about his mental illness and breaks his silence, not just for himself, but for those who still feel they can’t. Find the original source article here.

Misdiagnosis to Mania

My first diagnosis as unipolar depression and social anxiety disorder and the antidepressant that I believe sparked an intense and prolonged manic episode.

Day 2 at the Gym

Well, well, that was hell. You know, nobody said this would be easy. You know that feeling when you are at home and you know you have to get to the gym but you just feel like a ton of bricks. Then, you get…

For My Rainy Day


Decluttered and Reset

I’ve done it! All obsolete emails, gone. All unfinished blogs and unused accounts, gone. I have chosen a focus, I’m not sure why I didn’t think about this before. I have always had a love of fitness, well, in between bouts of depression. This…