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Top Bipolar Blog of 2014

This blog was named one of the top bipolar blogs of 2014. And for good reason, take a look!

Bipolar Out Loud

Bipolar Out Loud
Bipolar Out Loud
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Oh The Meds

stock-footage-spiral-made-of-different-colorful-pills-spinning-in-circle-full-hdThe thing about Bipolar Disorder is that to maintain any sort of stability at all there is this complex dance between your meds and you. On an upswing, slight medication adjustment, downswing, another, feeling great so not too sure you need meds anymore, self diagnosis of cured and no meds at all, leading us to phase 1 catastrophe and restarting the dance to find the perfect doses, timing and schedule of the perfect medications. Problem is, none of them are perfect, particularly, none of them are perfect all of the time.

For the sake of openness, I am presently on Lamictal 200mg/day in the morning, Seroquel xr 50 mg/2x/day and 75 to 100 mg regular release at night, Abilify 10 mg, Clonazepam .5 mg/2x/day and Cipralex 10 mg 1x/day. My problem? The seroquel is making me fat and tired, and I suspect that the Abilify is making me restless, though I am still not sure about that. If you can imagine feeling exhausted and extremely restless at the same time. A horrible feeling! So off again to the psych doc again next week to discuss another change. I feel I am getting very close to a good regimen, although that is not that reassuring because with this disease they seem to have to be constantly adjusted. That is not the only thing that makes the whole thing not so great. These drugs have crazy side effects attached to them.

The most ridiculously obvious was with the seroquel. It both makes me crave sweets which I never have, and messes with my metabolism making it almost impossible to lose the weight that I am packing on because of the sugary cravings and the slow metabolism. One medication I was on completely thrashed my thyroid, I now have to take thyroid hormone. I have to say, from lethargy, extreme tiredness, weight gain, hair loss, and those are the non-life threatening ones, it is no picnic to manage this disease. This next doctor visit I will request a drug called topamax. It is the only mood stabilizer that I have heard actually helps with weight loss. The trade off? It makes you dumb, apparently, so I’ve heard.

Interestingly, most of the mood stabilizers that are used to treat bipolar disorder are actually anticonvulsants used for epilepsy, or antipsychotics, very powerful medications. I am hoping that with an improvement in my fitness that I will be able to keep my medications to a minimum through taking impeccable care of my body, mind and spirit.


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Day 2 at the Gym

Well, well, that was hell. You know, nobody said this would be easy. You know that feeling when you are at home and you know you have to get to the gym but you just feel like a ton of bricks. Then, you get started with your workout and things start to feel a little better, bit by bit until you feel like you can conquer the world? That isn’t happening to me anymore. Maybe it is because I let myself go so bad and I have to rebuild my strength, because I tell you, I felt like a ton of bricks the whole way through! It is frustrating to go from being highly fit to unfit and then start all over again. I am frustrated with myself, but I will not beat myself up. I’m not sure if anybody has suffered severe depression before, but I think the tail end of that last episode is dragging on me. The only thing left to do is to blow through it. Eventually fitness will win out and I will be back baby back. Sticking with the plan sam!

Anybody else out there ever feel this way? Ever suffered a depression?


For My Rainy Day

Slow is better than no


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My Rainy Day

I say this is my rainy day because of the fading but lingering depression that just won’t seem to bugger off! It is like an elephant is getting a free piggy-back ride and not paying the fee. I am dragging myself through the motions of necessary daily tasks, conversation, being awake, and of all days today, the my first day. What first day, you say? The first day of my 30 day fitness challenge! Oh I want it so bad. I’ve started new meds for this dilemma, again. The carousel of this med and that, finally I find a combination that works and then oop, another what would have been a major mood swing without the meds, but a mood change just enough to make me not normal either way comes at me. Like I say, I just started the new med and I know it will work. It always does when I get this way.


I should probably explain more. When I am on my proper doses and combinations of medications, I am stable. Sometimes however, a drastic or particularly shaking experience in life will knock you off track and throw you into either a mania or depression. This time was probably my fault, I started to work too much and wasn’t getting proper sleep and wasn’t eating properly. Essentially, I didn’t stay on my schedule. That sent me into a hypomanic (a little less severe than full blown mania) state. Once I dropped from this state that is when the severe depression started. It went on for months until it got so bad that  I couldn’t get to work and I had to seek help again. When I write that I just suffered a bout of depression up until this post, that is the depression that I am coming out of now. I am not quite there, am incredibly lethargic but I am devoted to following my plan of action, my fitness plan, my plan to simplify and organize my life, and to follow a daily routine. It is what sparked this blog.

In any case, this is how I am feeling this, the day one of my 30 day fitness challenge, I did the workout, it was almost impossible to get to that gym, but I must say it did help a bit. I just cannot wait to get out of this haze!


Words of Wisdom

I just had to post this. It really is what matters.
I just had to post this. It really is what matters.