Grasping at Worlds

Wait, please wait

oh where are you

I see you as I look away

don’t leave so soon

I can all but just recall

a strange place

I know so well

but not at all

Where am I there

familiar strange

What happened

was it this life

or not at all

For an instant

strangely home

a breeze, you’re here

and gone

Another world in just a dream

or by my side

lost in my own

What are you

should I know

forgotten scent of long ago

or somewhere else

I do not know

I look away

for better view

I just can’t place

this déjà vup1000390.jpg

Musings, Personal, poetry

I didn’t know it

They were like wolves. No, hyenas. Ripping and tearing, feasting on my most intimate frailty. I tried to fight, to make my worth known. I wasn’t very convincing. God, I couldn’t convince myself. I just didn’t know that. They could smell it. The fear. The insecurity. They loved it. They hunted it, gorged on it. Before I knew what happened they had all had a piece. Bellies full, my self shredded and torn, they relished. I was good for them. Their egos. I was their bond. I just didn’t know it.