UP/DOWN: a documentary about bipolar disorder

This is a full length video about bipolar disorder called “UP/DOWN”. It is a good tool to help educate about the illness. I believe education is key to ending stigma associated with mental illness.
There are approximately 5.7 million people in the United States with bipolar disorder. In an attempt to eliminate the mystery and misinformation surrounding the illness, many throughout the country diagnosed with this condition were interviewed extensively. They diligently explain the struggle to balance themselves between floating to a state of euphoria and sinking to a devastating depression.[…]ย In short, “Up/Down” is a personal analysis of bipolar disorder from those living with it.

6 Comments on “UP/DOWN: a documentary about bipolar disorder

        • Well you’re free to use what I find and let me know if you stumble upon anything good! Two is more effective than one! I blab too, that’s part of why I started this blog lol. I needed to get things out!

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          • I forget what i blab about, hence me needing to store it somewhere… ta-da: blog. LOL, sure, I used to do a lot of research, but I think i’m so lasy now. (this isn’t a typo, guess which one key on my keyboard isn’t working!) Now I search for people who are good at it. Like you. Hehehehe. People hold knowledge!

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