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Fox Business Commentator Tells Caller That Her Bipolar Disorder Is Imaginary

This is an example of blatant and condescending stigmatization of mental illness.

Fox business commentator tells caller that her bipolar disorder is imaginary.

Click here to listen.
Click here to listen.

It is the most ignorant, uneducated, condescending I’ve actually heard. This guy’s arguments are so flawed that I can’t even…ahhh! Please, you have to listen to this!

4 thoughts on “Fox Business Commentator Tells Caller That Her Bipolar Disorder Is Imaginary”

  1. Boyfriend said it best as i was listening to it. “Where were these illnesses 25 years ago?” 6 feet under, on the streets, and hidden behind misadventure labels and family shame. Ignorant feckwit.

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  2. This makes me want to punch a fox news anchor. Or call a big burly man to do it for me. I don’t need a f*cking TV anchor telling me to go off the meds and therapy that have literally saved my life. Without my dx, I’d still be confused, suicidal, and drunk all the time. With my dx, I take my meds, I sobered up, I started living the better bipolar life (staying ahead when I can and reading up on it).

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    1. Oh I know, I was infuriated too. I love his argument that because people were not diagnosed with it years ago it didn’t exist. We have just now made it up. That’s the same as saying that tuberculosis didn’t exist because we never diagnosed anyone with it in the times that nobody knew what it was. I’m sure there were plenty of bipolar people locked up in insane asylums, suffering through exorcisms, or just called lazy or crazy! My goodness how ignorant can you get. If you are going to argue against something at least come up with a valid argument. lol what an idiot.

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