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His Finest Hour

Faris Khalifa in this brave video opens up about his mental illness and breaks his silence, not just for himself, but for those who still feel they can’t.

Find the original source article here.

5 thoughts on “His Finest Hour”

  1. Honestly, I watched the video until the 3 minute mark, and although everything he said was true and I empathize with each word on paper he “said”, it became a bit drawn out. IMO.

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    1. I can definitely understand what you are saying. I found it a little slow and drawn out as well. On the other hand, I found that the drawn out, oh just get on with it feeling it strikes is actually a good representation of how everything feels when you are suffering an episode of deep depression. It feels so sluggish like you can’t move or think any faster than if you were up to your neck in quicksand, like it almost took too much effort and energy for him to lift the pages. That sort of impatience that we felt with it is maybe how others sometimes feel when dealing with a loved one who is suffering with depression. Just a thought. 🙂


      1. Good point, never thought of that way, almost saying “we’re tired of hearing about all of this just get on with it, and make your damn point”. People are too much in a rush to listen, or don’t take the time, or maybe they don’t really care. I hope not. Mental illness stigma. Good post.

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