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Google Search Results for Mental Illness…

An awesome blogger, Emma, who runs The Madvocate, created these thought-provoking images by copying Google searches of mental illnesses and pasting them on famous people who had them.

It’s interesting to see the negative stereotypes and misconceptions about mental illness on some of the world’s most recognizable, successful people. ~ Rossalyn Warren

From ~ Do Mentally Ill People ‘Scare’ You? Well, These Famous People Are Certainly Not Scary.

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2 thoughts on “Google Search Results for Mental Illness…”

  1. That’s wonderful that you are able to stand up against stigma. I sometimes think it is almost more debilitating than the illness itself. Where do you start? Well, it sounds like you already have. Standing against the stigma of mental illness is as good a place to start as any! Thank you!


  2. Stigma! It hurts it make you feel like a bad person but in reality we are very sensitive people with amazing thought process. I speak out now and stand up to the stigma.
    I was recently approached by a pastor coming out of the hospital and we were chatting. The pastor told me why he was there and asked me if I had a loved on at the hospital and we then proceeded int a conversation about Mental Illness he then inquired if I am a speaker for the mentally ill, I laughed and said no but maybe I should be….LOL! Funny enough he looked at me seriously and said you should be an advocate……I walked away with tears in my eyes thinking where do I start?

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