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A Step Back

This whole purging of abandoned blogs, accounts and other membership type stuff is quite exhausting. I’ve decided to take an intermediate step. I generally get email from all of these different accounts, so I have decided to note them all down, get all the passwords, emails and usernames associated and as I do so, delete those that are unnecessary. This begs a larger question that I don’t know how to answer right now. What do I want to focus on? I like a lot of things, a lot of these different platforms seem really cool and I want to fill them with rich ideas but when it comes time for content I come up short. I think I need to face that I have to let some things go. Just get rid of them, figure out what I want to do with all my energy and commit to that. That is not to say that there was no place for all this dabbling. Now that I am ready to choose my focus, I have a feel for what I platforms work for me, and how to use them. See, a silver lining. Well, with a minor adjustment, off to work I go. Decluttering a little at a time.

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